Make water blue: the Blue LED Faucet Light

blue led faucet lightSick of having crystal clear water running out of your faucet like normal people, then you should upgrade to the Blue LED Faucet Light. This faucet light attaches to the end of the faucet, automatically turning on when water runs through it and turning off when the water stops flowing. The water then flows out of the faucet an eerie crystal blue, which could freak someone out if they weren�t expecting it. Connect to almost any faucet in the US (they don�t recommend faucets out of the US) with the universal adaptor included with the device. Get hours of enjoyment and sheer amazement from the faucet with its long lasting batteries, as well a set of spare batteries; now your faucet can be the center of attention at your next party. For just $15, the Blue LED Faucet Light is a cool little attachment if having strange looking water floats your boat. However, you probably shouldn�t put it in your bathroom, just in case you do get a girl to come over; you wouldn�t want her leaving because your faucet freaked her out.

blue led faucet light

Nick Rice

Blue LED Faucet Light [via I4U News]

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