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Pipe Dream: Kozo Lamps

David Benatan, a Tel Aviv-based designer, created lamps made from pipes and other similar hardware. Check out the Kozo lamp, which features washers, nuts, pipes and faucets. And yes, you turn the lamp on and off using the faucet. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Too bad they’re not readily available at the local IKEA or I’d run and ...

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The Spot: A Faucet Johnny Would Approve Of

Tap on, tap off. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you get a Sanindusa Spot electronic bathroom faucet installed in your home. As you can see, there’s a sleek button on top that you can tap for water. H2O will flow out into your washbasin in a clean, controlled manner, which is supposed to help conserve water ...

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Super SideBar Gets You Laid

Bachelors need a bar at their pad. What better way to impress your guests and lady friends than with a Super SideBar? Go to any bar in the city- you don’t choose your drinks, they’re chosen for you. It’s all about choice and personal preference these days and with the SideBar, five of your favorite thirst-depriving drinks can be tucked ...

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iSave London, iSave France, iSave water cuz I’m a sparty pants

Whether you live in an area where there’s been a drought or you just want to be more efficient with your utilities, iSave, a runner-up in the Metropolis Magazine Next Generation awards, is made to help you conserve water. iSave easily attaches to your sink or other faucet head and displays on a simple, yet efficient digital screen, the amount ...

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All In One Japensese Sink: You wash? No, iWash

[ev type=”youtube” data=”LiW20i_LcfI”][/ev] Japanese innovation never ceases to amaze us. Especially when the ideas are the kind that make you think to yourself, “Now why the hell didn’t I think of that?”. The All in one Sink featured in this video is one of those things. The sink has a motion detector for both the soap dispenser and the faucet, ...

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Make water blue: the Blue LED Faucet Light

Sick of having crystal clear water running out of your faucet like normal people, then you should upgrade to the Blue LED Faucet Light. This faucet light attaches to the end of the faucet, automatically turning on when water runs through it and turning off when the water stops flowing. The water then flows out of the faucet an eerie ...

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