M11 Copyboard has students on their knees

m11 copyboardAny student would love you if you told them that they wouldn’t have to take notes from the board anymore because the board would just print out what their teacher wrote down. Notes are a pain, and the M-11 Copyboard solves the problem of a white board’s contents being forever deleted when the eraser swipes it by converting what is written to digital content. It is capable of either printing out copies of what is written, or saving the content to a USB drive as a PNG image file. While PNGs aren’t exactly the most usable files (PDFs should be available at least), they are something. If you connect the M-11 directly to your computer, you have the choices of JPG, BMP and TIF in addition to the PNG export options. Also, if you run out of room on the white board, you can scroll the surface across like a conveyor belt and utilize a whole new area to write on. — Nik Gomez

M-11 Copyboard [via UberGizmo]

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