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DIY: Banjo Hero

Students at Rochester Institute of Technology were given the task of coming up with an alternative gaming controller last year. The result of one group of tinkerers is called “Oh No Banjo.” It’s an old wooden banjo hollowed out and gutted to become a Guitar Hero controller. Pretty cool, but from the looks of the pictures, these guys need to ...

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Crazy Rhode Island School RFID’ing Students

In a move that shows a blatant disregard for civil liberties and personal freedoms, a Rhode Island school district will be testing out a program that monitor’s student movement via RFID chips in backpacks. Right now, 80 children are using the RFID-equipped backpacks. Buses will also receive GPS units. Parents and faculty will be able to login to a system ...

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Students Invent Electric Motorcycle

A group of young minds at the Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, MN have constructed from scratch a lithium phosphate ion-powered motorcycle that can travel at speeds of 60 MPH for 50+ miles before needing to be recharged. Safer than any Vespa you’ve taken for a ride, this electric bike has been built with the driver’s safety in mind. ...

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M11 Copyboard has students on their knees

Any student would love you if you told them that they wouldn’t have to take notes from the board anymore because the board would just print out what their teacher wrote down. Notes are a pain, and the M-11 Copyboard solves the problem of a white board’s contents being forever deleted when the eraser swipes it by converting what is ...

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