LEGO Rock Band Reviewed


Hmmm. LEGO Rock Band. Seems like a good idea, given the plethora of other LEGO-based video games available, right? Maybe. Joystiq spent some quality hands-on time with the new Rock Band title and had this to say about it:

It’s tempting to just take a review of Rock Band 2 and stick it under here and label it Lego Rock Band, because that’s pretty much what it is, albeit with a few family-friendly tweaks. They’re mostly aesthetic, and Harmonix is working with Lego, who has approval over all of the songs in the game, to make sure it’s an experience that little kids can enjoy with adults. It might be a bit jarring to see Suzie, age 6, gyrating along to “Sex Bomb,” for instance.

Makes sense. A kid-friendly game with kid-friendly tunes. The problem is, Harmonix is getting lazy. Instead of just spewing out new titles with different themes and different songs, I’d like to see it innovate and bring all new features and devices to its popular franchise. Add a keyboard player to Rock Band and then I’ll get excited about your upcoming games.


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