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LEGO Rock Band Reviewed

Hmmm. LEGO Rock Band. Seems like a good idea, given the plethora of other LEGO-based video games available, right? Maybe. Joystiq spent some quality hands-on time with the new Rock Band title and had this to say about it: It’s tempting to just take a review of Rock Band 2 and stick it under here and label it Lego Rock ...

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Tony Hawk RIDE Skateboard Controller

How the Tony Hawk video game franchise keeps chugging along is beyond me, especially with the release of Skate 2. So to keep things fresh, the latest incarnation of the franchise, titled Tony Hawk RIDE, will feature an actual skateboard controller. See it down there? With all the buttons on the side? How the fuck is this thing going to ...

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Blizzard Working On New Franchise

While World of Warcraft is the king of the MMORPG world and Starcraft is busy keeping people in Korea busy, sometimes a little change can be good. According to the Internets, Blizz is working on a brand new franchise that will be released in MMO-form. Looking for details or a release date? Don’t hold your breath. They’ve still got Starcraft ...

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6 Video Game Series That Are Better Off Dead

Today, we point out the obvious: a series that tries so desperately to make money that it ruins the artistic vision of the game. These are the franchises that I admire for their enjoyable originals and also loathe for what they’ve become. Let’s face it, The Godfather: Part III sucked. That’s where these games are going.

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The Sims: The Movie?

Sources are reporting that Electronic Arts Inc. has sold the movie rights of best-selling game series, “The Sims”, to 20th Century Fox. The Sims franchise has sold more than 85 million units since its debut 7 years ago. “The Sims has done an interactive version of an old story, which is what it’s like to have infinite power and how ...

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