LawnBott helps you be productively lazy



We’re all so, so lazy. With a show of hands, who actually enjoys mowing their lawn other than Forest Gump? Hmm, nobody? Understandable. Allergies are my excuse. LawnBott makes excuses unneeded. The LawnBott LB2000 Professional Robot Mower is a fully autonomous lawn mower which will mow your lawn for you daily if left on the programmed dock. If you have a super huge lawn, no worries, the LawnBott can keep going for up to three hours.

After recharging itself, the LawnBott is ready to mow again, with no extra commands needed from us hay fever sufferers. LawnBott will set you back $1,846.84, though it could be worth it if you really hate doing it yourself. It should also earn its cost back if you currently have a landscaper. — Andrew Dobrow

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