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Big Daddy Driver Perfect For Any Avid Golfer

No, this isn’t a normal driver. This club doubles as a weed whacker for those lousy moments of the game in which you find yourself off the beaten path of the fairway.� The Bid Daddy Driver will keep you from getting stuck in the rough. Don’t let its nonchalant look fool you as this club packs a mean swing. With ...

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LawnBott helps you be productively lazy

We’re all so, so lazy. With a show of hands, who actually enjoys mowing their lawn other than Forest Gump? Hmm, nobody? Understandable. Allergies are my excuse. LawnBott makes excuses unneeded. The LawnBott LB2000 Professional Robot Mower is a fully autonomous lawn mower which will mow your lawn for you daily if left on the programmed dock. If you have ...

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