Lady Gaga More Important Than Technology, Says Google

Have you ever tried Googling random phrases or words, just to see what comes up in the search results? After giggling about the auto-finish answers on “How Do I” and “What’s the Best Way To”, you might want to try searching for more mundane items, like the telephone.

Open up an incognito browser window, so that your search results aren’t tailored based on your past porn searches. Now, try Googling “Telephone”.

That’s right. Lady Gaga’s hit pop song is mentioned twice (you even get a YouTube video), before you get to the official Wikipedia article telling you about the history of the telephone.

To be fair, not a lot of people probably Google “telephone” to ascertain what that odd dialing device is on their kitchen table. However, it’s still an interesting sign that our society is pretty´┐Żenamored´┐Żwith anything related to Lady Gaga.


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