Just A Dozen More Years To Go!

So what if George Broussard of 3D Realms said:

“It’s going really well. There are several hours of fairly polished game to play. We’re actively testing parts of the game and getting feedback from play testers and things are coming together.”

He’s full of shit. First off, he starts his quote off by saying, “It’s going really well.” What a lie. How is nearly ten years of development without one actual screen shot or video of real gameplay footage called, “going really well?” Meet George Broussard, he makes Denis Dyack look as productive as Will Wright.

“It’s fun, it’s in focus, we know what bits are fun and which are not, and it’s just a matter of time now. I’ve probably never been as happy or excited about the game as I am these days.”

OK. You can put down Duke Nukem 3D and get back to work on Duke Nukem Forever, now. Like I said in 5 Games That Never Saw The Light Of Day: without gameplay footage, I’m not getting my hopes up and I’m not anticipating its release anytime soon.


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