Japanese ramen timer saves tongue and mouth

ramen noodle timer

How many bags or cups of Ramen noodles have you eaten in your lifetime? More than you can count? Then you are with the rest of us. You probably don’t read the instructions on the bag anymore (left them alone a long time ago), but if you were to lok at them, you would notice that there is one last step that (now) you always seem to skip. This step is the waiting period to 1) let the hot water soak in 2) let it cool down a bit. Normally you just dive in, and burn your tongue and the roof of your mouth just like last time. There is a device that helps you prevent this. It is simply a little timer that you can put your cup of noodles on that counts down those 3-4 minutes after pouring in the water that you always forget to wait for. It looks like a little stove burner, but it isn’t very convincing. Is the roof of your mouth worth $8? — Nik Gomez

Ramen Noodle Timer [via Gearlog]

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