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Cupman Keeps Tabs on Your Noodles

It’s always been sort of a pain cooking your Ramen noodles to the perfect heat and consistency. You can sit there and stare at the microwave like a moron, or you can actually use a useful tool like Cupman. Cupman is a cute little doodad that hangs from the side of your cup of noodles, losing its color as the ...

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Pasta Chair made from pool noodles

Pool noodles are synonymous with summer. In fact, we can’t recall any other use that pool noodles have ever been used for. All we remember are memories from our youth in which we would be chasing after our younger siblings and friends with the noodle between our legs, threatening to smack them with our phallus. Though we now see it ...

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The “I Love Pasta” Tie

Humorous at first, then ingenious at second thought. That was my impression on this tie from self confessed “pasta-philic” project, I Love Pasta. The tie gives the impression of an over-zealous pasta eater who just couldn’t keep the noodles in his mouth. Uniting the power of culinary yummy-ness and modern design, the pasta tie is a brilliant use of visual ...

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Japanese ramen timer saves tongue and mouth

How many bags or cups of Ramen noodles have you eaten in your lifetime? More than you can count? Then you are with the rest of us. You probably don’t read the instructions on the bag anymore (left them alone a long time ago), but if you were to lok at them, you would notice that there is one last ...

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