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Today everyone has a gadget, which is an integral part of everyday life of each of us. Gadgets perform the role of the entertainment device and the example of such entertainments is the music and video content.

Often we listen to music or watch movies in transport on the way to work or school, with friends, or sitting at home. Therefore, very important are the services that we use.

When talking about the most popular online store of digital media in the world, most people think of iTunes and Google Play – two of the biggest online stores that offer a large amount of media content, including a wide range of films and TV episodes.

Google vs itunes

Now users are divided into those who use iTunes or Google Movies. Each of these services is great. Both provide access to a huge amount of content at a fairly ridiculous price.

The vast majority of users are sure that their choice is the best and has many advantages. But we should make an objective assessment, what service is better?

Let’s start with iTunes. An important factor in the choice of service is the amount of content it offers. In this factor ITunes has a clear advantage. It contains a huge amount of video and music file – over 28 million songs, 45 thousand of movies and over 85 thousand TV episodes, starting in 2011.

Google Play doesn’t have the same amount of data and affirms only about the millions of songs and thousands of movies. But Google doesn’t provide precise numbers.

If we talk about the pricing of both services, it is almost the same. Prices on the media are almost identical. In addition, to attract customers, such as iTunes and Google Play provide some free music and videos to download.

If you analyze music, then Google for a symbolic plan provides unlimited access to music, namely: access to all the music in Google Music (millions of songs), the ability to download the music offline and listen to it without the Internet, the ability to download all the tracks from the computer or iTunes radio by artist, song, album. There is also the opportunity to share music with friends via Google, but it is not convenient.

Plus Google Play is also able to load already existing on the computer music (up to 20 thousand tracks), to find the wrapper and set the tags. After that, you will have free access to music from all devices connected to Google Music. The service also solves the problem of a slow mobile Internet or its complete absence, as it gives the opportunity to download and listen to music in offline mode.

Google apps

If we talk about the disadvantages of Google Music, this is an unpresentable appearance of the app on iOS and the lack of a Mac client And PC. Although, for Mac users is developed unofficial, informal program Radiant Player.

Most of the users of the iOS system prefer iTunes, which is not surprising. Service is friendly and has a lot of content. However, the drawback is the ads in iTunes Radio on Windows. Commercials have a greater volume than the song itself and the video sets to full screen. In OS X the situation is better. iTunes Match provides more opportunities: uploading your music to iTunes and open access to it from all devices, and lack of advertising. When you purchase a subscription for iTunes Match, it allows you to upload to the cloud and to license all your music and remove ads from iTunes Radio. As well as the radio from Apple magically picks really great music, that is enough.

If you need to have the ability to upload music to the cloud, you need to choose iTunes. If you want to listen to music in offline mode, then choose Google Music.

If you like radio, then it’s not so simple. In both cases, the suggested music is just great.

Future stands for such services as iTunes and Google Play is the media industry. The opportunity to listen to music and watch movies is really very convenient. Especially, a huge advantage is the unlimited access to media files for a relatively small amount. Everybody spends money on unnecessary things, but music and movies play an important role in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to hold a few dollars for their own convenience and comfort.

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