E-Paper Music Score: Listening To The Sweet Sounds Of Technology


One crappy thing about being a professional musician in a classical orchestra is all of the masses of sheet music you have to lug around with you from venue to venue, and practice to practice. A new concept called EMS, or E-Paper Music Score, uses E-technology to make the music movable.

Made of a single flexible screen, EMS can be rolled and unrolled for great portability, with Bluetooth streaming your sheet music from a computer directly to the device. An included foot pedal lets your “turn the page” hands-free, with the next page of the score loading automatically. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. The basic features of this design are already possible with a Tablet PC running MusicReader Electronic Music Stand Software. There is also a foot pedal available for page turning.

  2. Except that music reader is clunky, doesn’t come with a hardware solution so you have to use it in a laptop or tablet, and the importing of pdf and other formats is convoluted.

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