Is Necky the Next Snuggie?

Look, even as a fan of the Snuggie, I think this whole Necky thing is a joke. Not only does it look ridiculous, sort of like a turtleneck on steroids (not that turtlenecks aren’t the sexiest style anyway)� but I doubt it keeps you all that much warmer than a normal scarf and zipped up coat. It’s not like the Necky does something incredible like letting me be snuggled up in a blanket as I blog, or allowing me to stay warm even when I read without my arms freezing off.

I’d be much more impressed with a Facey, cover the whole damn head, neck and chest. Now that would be cozy.

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  1. They used to have a name for that … a dickie. Guess it wasn’t trademark-able, or just too obscene.

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