INXS: Gold Bugatti Veyron Hits Streets of Kuwait


Hey, if I had a shitload of oil money, I’d probably make everything from my kid to my dog to my iPhone gold-plated. Such is the case in Kuwait, where some rich motherfucker owns a $1.75 million Bugatti Veyron. As you’re probably well aware, the Veyron is the creme de la creme of street legal automobiles. This time, it’s kicked up about 100 notches with a gold paint job that makes it look absolutely stunning. In fact, it’s so stunning, the car “requires” a $10,000 detail job and “is stored in a climate-controlled atmospheric chamber inside the garage.”

A bit too much, even for a sultan. Right? I’ll stick with my gold-spraypainted Geo Tracker thank you very much.


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