Inside A Hallmark Musical Greeting Card

Found on Flickr user Tableauvivant’s page, this above photo shows the musical components of a Hallmark musical greeting card. I must say, this is quite surprising. I was sent a few musical cards back in May and when I took them apart, I found a tiny PCB with a piezo speaker and some other circuitry. This appears to be a speaker with gears and cardboard. Very cool. I wonder how you could hack this thing to make it play different tunes.

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  1. I think this is a mechanism to create moving hands or something. There seems to be a regular pcb for sound. Still cool to see those gears.

  2. My new husband has given me many musical greeting cards of our favorite songs. These are paper cards purchased from the Hallmark store. Some of the cards no longer play sound, just making a click,click,click noise or the first few notes then quit. They are not old, maybe a few months. How can this be repaired?? Battery replacement or glueing of paper? When stacked together do they get pressed and stop playing? I’m disappointed and puzzeled. Thank you. Jeannine

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