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Stephen Hawking Does Not Welcome Our New Alien Overlords

Not only does renowned theoretical physicist and master auto-tuner Stephen Hawking not openly welcome alien visitors, he seems to fear it and thinks we should too. In a new Discovery Channel series three years in the making, Hawking warns that any alien race smart enough to seek us out probably don’t have the best intentions in mind. He’s previously spoken ...

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Rainbow Jellyfish

I’ve got to book a trip to Tasmania because if they have jellyfish with fucking bright rainbows shooting out of them, I can’t wait to see what the shit on land looks like. Some jellyfish researcher (really?) named Lisa Gershwin discovered the new species off the coast of Tasmania. The crazy part about this jellyfish is that it doesn’t even ...

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Inside A Hallmark Musical Greeting Card

Found on Flickr user Tableauvivant’s page, this above photo shows the musical components of a Hallmark musical greeting card. I must say, this is quite surprising. I was sent a few musical cards back in May and when I took them apart, I found a tiny PCB with a piezo speaker and some other circuitry. This appears to be a ...

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