Infrastructure Pr0n: the Eco-Cycle Bike Park

I have a bicycle storage solution: a ropey steel cable wound up in my bag and a small u-lock strapped to my bike’s rear rack. Of course, the cable gets kinked, the lock rusts and gets funky, the whole thing leaves my ride out in the snow—but it’s the best option I have in Boston.

Although it isn’t exactly new, the Japanese “Eco-Cycle” kiosk proves that the future is not only unevenly distributed, but elsewhere. Swipe a card, roll your bike’s front wheel through the gate, and the machinery whisks it off to a subterranean silo holding hundreds of bikes in weatherproof safety. To an addled bike commuter, it’s like a vision of jet packs and flying cars. You can see how the system works in the video above. (But watch out, there’s a subliminal message at 1:13: the old “cats: all your base are belong to us” meme. If I show up at city council meetings carrying a sign emblazoned with the legend All Your Base,” maybe it will subliminally convince the councillors to fund eco-cycle kiosks in Boston.) —via GOOD

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  1. Oh, lust! I’m a bike commuter too. Like a dream, like a fantasy . . .

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