Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost ArtFX Statue Fits Everything In


A movie such as Indiana Jones, where action and story twists come plentiful and often is hard to sum up in a few details. A concept called ArtFX combines the key points of movies with vivid detail, all into a three-dimensional culture-packed collage. The Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark ArtFX statue shows how successful the concept can be.

Standing about a foot high, the statue combines the keynote stone sculptures of the Peruvian shrine, and the top displays the infamous podium from the first scene of the film. The podium is held up by the big stone ball booby-trap which chases a bull-whipping, snarling Indiana. The statue is a pvc plastic snap-fit kit, so you construct it yourself in seconds. The detail put into the statue is really magnificent. You can get your own for around $138 when it’s released in August 2008.




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