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Anime Style Indiana Jones Figurines: Because American Stars Have Huge Eyes

In the eyes of an Asian, we Americans look like creatures from a sci-fi movie. Huge eyes and equally growing bellies. It’s actually quite scary. So, the only way to see how other cultures view us, is to see how culture portrays us through art. Kotobukiya will be releasing a set of Anime-styled Indiana Jones Action Figures in June for ...

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Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost ArtFX Statue Fits Everything In

A movie such as Indiana Jones, where action and story twists come plentiful and often is hard to sum up in a few details. A concept called ArtFX combines the key points of movies with vivid detail, all into a three-dimensional culture-packed collage. The Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark ArtFX statue shows how successful the concept can be. ...

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