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Grand Theft Auto V Hits Shelves Tomorrow!


The day that so many gamers have been waiting for is almost upon us and it's about time because we've been going nuts waiting for GTA V! If you are lucky and you pre-ordered your copy of Grand Theft Auto V then chances are that you have your game in hand today.

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Grand Theft Auto IV Box Art: Up Close And Personal

XboxFamily was reportedly sent a set of dummy Grand Theft Auto IV cases from Rockstar. The photos above and below show the three different designs that were (rumored) to be sent, plus the announcement of? a fourth one still unrevealed. Frankly, I hope these aren’t the real cases, they aren’t what I would expect from one of the most popular ...

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Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer released

Here it is. After the long wait and the sustained suspense the GTA IV trailer has finally been unleashed on the public. The game looks awesome. Simple as that. The city looks like a mock up of NYC and the game will no doubt be a HUGE hit. — Andrew Dobrow

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Grand Theft Auto IV ads spotted in the wild

Grand Theft Auto advertising has begun, and Rockstar sure isn’t kidding about this release. Plastered all over New York City, seemingly overnight, are these GTA IV teaser posters. Odds are that people didn’t even know what they were for and passed them off thinking it was some new trendy Broadway show. Or maybe a new medical sitcom titled, I.V.? Well ...

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The Rapid Rise Of Microtransactions In Video Games

The use of microtransactions in video games has exploded in recent years. Gone are the days when players purchased a game and that was the only financial commitment they were obliged to make. Now, with the development of online connectivity proving to be a game-changer, many video games require players to purchase in-game content via microtransactions to get weapons or ...

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Celebrities Involved in Video Games Promotion Campaigns

video games promotion

Video games are all over the place with outstanding gameplay, exciting themes, and all sorts of features that make them attractive to players. However, a key component of video games is the characters. Characters are those that relay the story and theme of video games through their actions. They also determine the mood of a particular video game. Players come ...

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Top Seven Bestselling Games Of 2020

Video game

In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, everyone wants a break to unwind and relax their minds. Some prefer taking a nap to energize their brains, while others freshen up by playing video games. After all, some old habits never go away. These games take people to an imaginary world where they don’t have to worry about finances or meeting deadlines. ...

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