Icebreaker Robot to record polar data, makes us cold just thinking about it


The Cool Robot is a real icebreaker. And you might be picturing some suave cyborg who walks around picking up chicks and mouthing innuendos, but in actuality, this thing is built for cold polar weather. The Cool Robot’s job is to carry testing instruments across long spans of seas and oceans to make observations and measurements of snow levels relating to climate change.

Basically a wheeled box with solar panels on top, the robot weighs around 130 pounds and runs completely on solar power, with a top speed of a daredevil-like 2 mph. The Cool Robot is controlled through GPS, can travel about 310 miles in 2 weeks. The Cool Robot was shown at the Arctic Summit Science Week which brought together leading researchers from the Northern Hemisphere, to discuss the effects of global warming on the poles. — Andrew Dobrow


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