How Will AI Change Our Lives?

In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence has evolved a lot, and it can be seen as AI’s journey from a science-fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives. We use AI in various systems like our phones, television, smart cars, smart watches, drones, music and media devices, video games, banking sectors, smart home devices, etc. AI has changed our lives – for better or worse is something of a debate that everyone indulges in. AI is a massively powerful tool with a great deal of responsibility. It depends on how we use it.

1. AI is in our hands

Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone. We can use Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, or Bixby to interact with them. We can perform various tasks without a single click to such devices. Now many manufacturers are introducing AI in various such devices. AI is going to play an even major role in upcoming years.

2. No one will be lonely

Play chess

If Twitter’s not your choice of poison, maybe it’s Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or any other social media app out there. If you are using social media, most of your actions are decided with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

From feeds that you see to the notifications that you receive from these apps, all are done by AI. What AI does is, it takes all your past behaviors, web searches, interactions, everything else that you do when you are on these websites and tailors the experience just for you.

The purpose of AI here is to make these apps so addictive that you come back to them again and again, and I am sure that AI is winning this war against you. Now tell me, in this socially developed world, can anyone really remain mentally lonely?

3. Ease in travel and navigation

Ease travel

Currently, we use drivers for driving vehicles. But by using AI, it is now possible for you to stay relaxed and do your own work in your vehicle because driving can be handled by the vehicle itself.

Self-driving cars are the future, and they are manufactured by various companies such as Tesla. Don’t worry if such vehicles are absent in your country, because they will be available in the future for sure.

Do you know when you are using Google Maps or Apple maps for navigation, or booking a flight ticket, or calling an Uber/Ola cab, you are using AI? AI plays a significant role in navigating from place A to place B.

4. Security and Surveillance

With the increase in technologies like object recognition and facial recognition, it won’t be long when all the security camera feeds are being monitored by AI and not by some human being. As it is not physically possible to keep an eye over various monitor feeds from hundreds if not thousands of cameras at the same time, using AI makes the perfect sense. It’s being used in some smart cities, so soon it might be in your city too. A.I. is being incorporated by many businesses and casinos. Casinos, in particular, use A.I for security and surveillance, you can read here how will artificial intelligence impact casinos.

5. Has AI made us lazy?

In conclusion, I would also like to talk about one of the not so positive sides of us relying on AI. This question often arises – has AI made us lazy?

Not yet… But in most cases, AI has made humans lazy. In the future, AI will create a situation where 90% of the people have the ability to do nothing if they choose. Just ask yourself, will you work when AI can do your work?

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