How to Set Up the Perfect Gaming Rig

Listen up gamers, if you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, you absolutely have to set yourself up with the perfect gaming rig. You’ve got yourself a decent job, and you’re tired of sitting at your little thrifted desk playing on an 11.5 inch laptop that bugs out every time you try to download the latest patch for your favorite FPS. It’s time to step up your game and equip yourself with all the tech essentials you’ll need to dominate online.


First, the most important thing: a powerful machine.

You can’t game if you don’t have a decent station to play on, so you should probably first make sure that your computer is up to gaming standards. You’re going to want one packed with features, but at least 8G of RAM and a solid-state drive (SSD) should be at the top of your list. Some gamers opt for building their own computers, which, if you have the know-how, can be a great option for packing in all the essentials at a much lower cost than a store-bought model might be. If you’re itching to game as soon as possible, the best gaming laptop under 2000 might be your best bet. Do plenty of research before you commit to a model!

Second, get your desk and chair gamer-ready.

Nobody wants to game in a flimsy office chair that rolls away from your rickety desk the second the action gets intense and you lean forward. Gamers need a solid, seriously comfy chair to get them in the zone when those online matches really heat up. You should also make sure your chair has proper back support for those gaming sessions that last hours and hours.

If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll want to trick out your station with all the latest immersive tech (more on that in a sec!). That means a desk with plenty of area for all your tech, and shelves to hold whatever spare gadgets, headphones, or supplies you might need for gaming.

Don’t be shy about tech.

A computer for gaming is the basic necessity, but you’re going to want a lot more than that if you have serious ambitions as a gamer. Games can’t be fully immersive if you don’t have the proper sound rig, so one thing you’ll want to put money toward is a set of quality surround-sound speakers, or noise-cancelling headphones if you game in a shared space. A solid backlit keyboard lets people know you’re serious about gaming, and a gaming mouse is another essential feature that you will not want to pass up if you’re at all serious about dominating online. If you play a lot online, you’ll want to pick up a respectable microphone. Make sure you get a quality model in case you have any ambition to stream or record YouTube videos showing off your optimized gaming experience.

Make it comfy.

There’s no denying that when you get plugged in and game, the time can go by so quickly you look at the clock and wonder how 6 hours passed. You’re going to want that gamer space to be straight up comfy. In addition to a nice chair and desk, make sure that you deck out your rig with a mini-fridge for the energy drinks you’ll need to get you through long nights of gaming, a drawer full of chips and snacks, and plenty of gum for those stressful online matchups. Also, gamers, remember to stay hydrated. It can be easy to forget to drink water when you’re dominating online lobbies, but dying of dehydration will certainly not help raise your rankings.

Gaming station

Have fun setting up your gaming station! Get out there and show the world what an expertly set-up rig can do.

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