5 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Gaming Experience

Gaming experience

There is nothing more annoying than getting interrupted by constant pop-ups or a slow connection when you are trying to get your game on. That’s why, up until recently, most serious gamers stuck to using their PC’s instead of laptops for their games. The home computer or PC has the advantage of more room for heavier, hotter hardware. That means higher higher quality graphics and adaptability. However, the laptop is no longer far behind. Technology is slimmer than ever before, and the performance gap is disappearing.

There are some great advantages to being able to take your gaming mobile. Enjoy catching up on levels anywhere and anytime you want by taking advantage of the portability. Although the quality is not quite at par with the PC, there are great advancements being made that can make your laptop your new go to for a long gaming session.

With high-speed wifi available and super-slim graphics cards, today’s gaming laptops are really something to see. Still, there are a number of things that you can do to improve and optimize your laptop for the best possible gaming experience when you are on the go.

Stay Updated

When your computer pops up an update balloon, don’t be tempted to click it closed and deal with it later. Security updates are crucial to maintaining a healthy operating system. You can pick and choose which ones you believe are valid for your use, but pay attention to them just the same. Keeping your hardware and software updated can take some of the lag time out of your computer and improve the quality of your gaming realms.

Get Clean

Keeping your laptop clean is much more than just wiping down the screen and keyboard occasionally. The amount of dust and dirt particles that make their way into the interior of your computer is surprising.

To easily clean the inside of your computer, disconnect your battery and carefully unscrew the back plate. Using short bursts from a compressed air canister, gently blow the dust and dirt from your unit. Try to keep the handling to a minimum and use cotton swabs for any tight areas.

Get Your Settings Right

Most laptops come with a preset option which can make your adjustments easy but every laptop is different. Try playing with the 3D visual settings to range between “Performance” and “Quality” until you reach a point that looks the best for your game. In most cases, this is a personal preference and can be different for everyone.

Get Rid Of Background Apps

At any given time, you may have several applications that are continuously running in the background of your operating system. Before you get ready to game up, make sure that all unnecessary apps and programs are closed. Go to the Taskbar to see what is running. The more apps that are open, the less power will be directed to your game and the quality is sure to suffer.

Get Speed

When you boot up your computer, try going to the battery icon and clicking on the “choose Power setting” icon. Make sure that you are set on “High Performance” for the best gaming experience and graphics. Also, if you rely on wifi, make certain that you have a solid high speed connection to avoid constant buffering interruptions.

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