How To Set Blank WhatsApp Status?

Have you recently seen a blank status for someone in your contacts? If you have and want to learn how to do it, you have come to the right place. You will soon be able to make an empty WhatsApp status, too. 

WhatsApp is an accessible communication app for smartphones. WhatsApp transmits messages, photos, audio, and video via the internet. Although the service is quite similar to text messaging services, WhatsApp is much less expensive than texting because messages are sent online. A number of features, such as location sharing, audio messages, and group chatting, make it a popular choice among teens. Install the Mac or Windows version of WhatsApp on your desktop by visiting the Whatsapp website. 

WhatsApp is the most popular online chat application on the market, is currently owned by Meta, and has over 2 Billion users globally. Founded in 2009 by former Yahoo employees, it began as a modest startup but quickly grew to 250,000 subscribers. Because of this rapid growth, they had to introduce a yearly fee for accessing the site to slow down the subscription rate. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in 2014 and has continued to expand, surpassing the 1 billion user milestone in July 2017 and the 2 billion user milestone in February 2020.

What is WhatsApp “About”?

If you’re browsing a contact on your phone or someone else’s phone, WhatsApp About will appear directly beneath your WhatsApp username. Once upon a time, people would frequently update their WhatsApp About, but now that WhatsApp stories have been integrated, many no longer use it as many as they once did. Some individuals do, however, change their Whatsapp About information. Additionally referred to as “Bio,” WhatsApp About is still called “status” by certain users.

Officially, WhatsApp does not permit the setting of a blank or empty WhatsApp Status (since moved to “About”). Whenever you visit a friend’s WhatsApp profile, the “About” section will always have a caption or emojis. This article will teach you how to set a blank or empty WhatsApp profile status.

In this post, we’ll explain how you can prank your WhatsApp contacts by creating a blank status on WhatsApp or in the “About” section of your Android or iOS device.

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How to set blank WhatsApp Status

set a blank status

You don’t need a third-party program to set a blank WhatsApp status. With WhatsApp Unsupported Character, this is a straightforward process. Let’s look at how to change your WhatsApp status to blank. Only Android users will be able to use the first technique. Skip it if you use iOS.

Method 1: Get Empty Status/About by Using Unsupported Characters (Android):

As the title indicates, this approach employs characters that WhatsApp does not support to put a blank WhatsApp status. By following these instructions, you can leave the About part of your profile blank. Look at the second method if you want an empty status or story.

  • Open WhatsApp and select the “3 vertical dots” menu icon to access Settings.
  • Simply tap on the “About” Status and your profile name. If you haven’t changed your About, the default About status—”Available”—must be set for your profile.
  • You can change your current status by tapping on it under “Currently Set to” and then deleting the previous one and setting a new one.
  • Copy the following character or symbol now:  ⇨ ຸ
  • Just paste this symbol you copied. Remove the Arrow () from the pasted character now and select “OK.”
  • You can now verify that your About Status is Empty or Blank. Pretty cool, right?

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Method 2: Empty Status/Story

This method is for you if you’re looking for information on how to post blank WhatsApp stories. You can now post WhatsApp stories that are empty. If you’ve used WhatsApp, you may have noticed that you either upload a picture or type a message to publish a story. It is not possible to post stories to WhatsApp without entering any characters.

Today, we’ll review the procedure enabling you to accomplish this; all the stages are described below, and a video lesson is also available.

  • Install the No-word app first from the Google Play store on your Android device.
  • Open the app now, leave all the settings alone, and press the copy button. This will replicate the empty text or invisible text in WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp now, and go to the status tab.
  • A flickering cursor appears when you on the edit icon to reveal the post stories option. Tap the copied WhatsApp invisible text, then paste it.
  • The send buttons for posting WhatsApp stories are now visible. Once you press the send button, your WhatsApp story is successfully published.

Method 3: Delete WhatsApp About:

Instead of hiding, we eliminate the about part using this method, which results in a blank WhatsApp status. Follow the instructions provided below to delete WhatsApp from your device.

  • Firstly Start WhatsApp and select Settings.
  • On the Settings page, select Account.
  • Go to Privacy and then select About.
  • Select Nobody now.
  • This will set the visibility of WhatsApp’s about section will be set to nobody, which will ultimately result in WhatsApp’s about section being removed. However, this will modify WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

Other ways to customize your WhatsApp Status

Share end-to-end encrypted text, images, videos, and GIFs as your Status that disappear after 24 hours. Your contacts’ phone numbers need to be stored in your phones’ address books for you to send and receive status updates to and from them. 

The maximum time set for status is 30 seconds, so if your videos are more than 30 seconds long, the video will get cut at the 30-second mark. WhatsApp status also allows you to add pictures and GIFs as your status, and there are many ways to have fun with this throughout your day. 

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This blog showed you how to hide your WhatsApp status and set up a blank status on your Android and iOS devices. Feel free to use the comment area if you need help following the instructions for creating an empty WhatsApp status. Additionally, browse our collection of WhatsApp tips for iPhone and Android. If you think this is cool, tell your friends about it. By clicking the share button, you will acknowledge our efforts as well.

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