How to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

Who would ever want to encounter shocking incidents? Well, No one. For instance you forgot to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone and you just get this shocking scene in front of you that your kid has deleted the app accidentally and you just lost all your data. You will obviously hold yourself responsible for not protecting your WhatsApp data.

To avoid such situations wherein you forget to take back up of your WhatsApp messages, you need a simple solution that can let you do the job without spending too much of time. You need a solution that doesn’t engage you in trial and error and just requires a few clicks to complete WhatsApp data backup. If you are still hunting for one, we have already found it for you.

The iSkysoft Toolbox- Restore Social App is easy to use and effective backup solution for your WhatsApp data. The tool provides WhatsApp backup iPhone selectively so that you can just choose the data that is important and ignore remaining data that isn’t useful to you. This would let you save your storage space on your phone.

iSkysoft Toolbox is compatible with the newest iOS devices like iOS 11, iOS 12 etc.,

How to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

iSkysoft Toolbox- Restore Social App not only helps you backup your WhatsApp messages on iPhone selectively but also lets you restore the backed up data from PC to iPhone/Android. You just need to follow the simple screen instructions to perform a successful backup. It is the easier, faster and safer way to continue taking backups.

Step 1. Download and Install iSkysoft Toolbox from the official site and attach your iPhone to your PC. You will get a list of features on your screen. Out of the many options select – “Restore Social App”

download software

Step 2. Now, your screen will have a list of different social apps on the left side, out of which you need to select- “WhatsApp” and then go ahead and choose the option that says – “Backup WhatsApp Messages”

Backup messages

Step 3. The window shown below will display how backup is progressing for your WhatsApp messages on iPhone. You just need to wait for the process to get over.

backup process

Step 4. The next screen will show a page (as shown below) notifying you about the successful completion of WhatsApp backup to iPhone. You can choose to click the button – “View it” to check if all your preferred WhatsApp data has been backed up properly.

Backing up data

iSkysoft Toolobox- Making WhatsApp backup a convenient process

This WhatsApp transfer backup & restore tool by iSkysoft allows you access all your WhatsApp data including messages, photos, attachments whenever you want. The software lets you restore only important data which helps you organize your data well. There is no data loss during the backup process and restoring data to iPhone or Android device is also something that becomes easy with iSKysoft. The tool is ideal for both tech-savvy people and those with little technical knowledge. You get a better control over how you want to backup and restore your data without any interruptions. iSkysoft also enables data backup for other messaging apps that includes, Viber, KIK, WeChat, LINE etc.,

Experience flexible backup and restore process with iSkysoft

iSkysoft doesn’t ask you to learn any configuration to carry out the backup and restore process. It simply asks you to follow the instructions given on screen carefully and leave rest to the software itself. Hence, the tool offers its users the ability to read and access  WhatsApp data conveniently.

Your WhatsApp data is safe with iSkysoft and it will not be shared with any external websites which means your data privacy is solely taken care of by iSkysoft Toolbox. The program is designed to match the needs of its users and offer them faster, simple yet effective source for WhatsApp data backup. The simple interface allows users to get brief description of each feature on screen while they hover over each feature on screen. No fancy screens included that may confuse the users. The screen layout makes it easy for users to understand how to go about the process with each step. The step by step guides included help you get everything right for the first time.


So, no more getting into situations where you lose your important WhatsApp data and want to get it back anyhow as you have this handy tool like iSkysoft Toolbox that enables easy backup process on iPhone and Android devices. If you are someone who want to carry out WhatsApp data backup with a few clicks and save time then iSkysoft is the perfect platform.

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