5 Cloud Backup Features You Need to Know

Cloud backup

Data backup has become a critical part of any company. by having a functional data backup system, you will not only ensure you can restore critical information in case its lost, but you will also adhere to the data security policies defined by law in your country.

There are different types of data backup solutions in the modern world that companies can choose from. For example, when it comes to backing up companies’ database, companies can choose between MySQL online backup and physical data backup.

Cloud backup is the most sort after backup solution by a majority of business players across the world. Its ease of use and numerous benefits that it brings a long are some of the reasons that make it appealing to companies that value data security.

More to the convenience and ease of use, there are other features that you should get to know about cloud backup. They include;

1. Multiple Backup Destinations

Cloud backup enables you to backup your data in several destinations. Your destination could consist of; your external hard disk, a friends computer, the cloud and the extra computers that you might have. Retrieval of data from a friend’s computer or hard drive is much more comfortable compared to recovery from the cloud due to limited bandwidth.

2. Strong Privacy Measures

All cloud backup services provide encryption of data and use of passwords. Before data is transferred from the computer, it is encrypted. The same case applies as it is moved to the cloud. It ensures that there is no data hacking during the process. To access data on the cloud you need to enter a pre-existing strong password.

3. Automatic backups

This feature ensures data backup proceeds even when you are away from the computer. Set a specific time when the backup should begin. Also, cloud backup services provide idle backups whereby, the backup takes place even when your computer is idle.

4. Lost Computer Locator

Just like smartphone companies offer “locate my phone” feature, cloud service companies also offer a feature that can locate your computer when lost. Companies such as Backblaze has a computer locator feature. If you lose your data due to theft or computer loss, you can get back both the machine and your data without much hassle. The “locate my computer” feature will come in handy to help you locate it.

5. Apps for seamless data accessibility

Cloud backup services provide the user with an app to help them access their data anytime. All you have to do is download the app and choose a plan, either free or the pay plan. You can always download files and media at your own convenience.


Cloud backup solutions offer more features that enable quick backup and retrieval of data. Some features will let you sync data across numerous devices, delete files, and share files. The strong privacy measures ensure that only you and a select few can access the stored data. Choose to go the cloud way if your company values data security and privacy. You will always gain a competitive advantage when disaster strikes!

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