How to Roar Like Chewbacca

Chewbacca’s roar. This is one talent I’ve always wanted, along with the ability to rip off the arms of a droid if they beat me in chess, but that’s another talent for another time. This sexy instructional video features an adorable geek chick unveiling the secrets of the Chewie roar. You’ll need to have some sort of control over your oral muscles, something which I unfortunately don’t seem to have and it would help to share the genes of a tiger, badger or bear.

I’m pretty sure the key to mastering the roar is practice, even if you feel sort of silly gurgling all by yourself. The only problem I see possibly facing is explaining away the guttural noises if someone walks in on you practicing.


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  1. sadly, I do not have a uvula so I will never be able to accomplish this feat. I also cannot replicate the sound Dr. Rosen Rosen (played by Chevy Chase) makes in the hospital records room in “Fletch”

  2. que linda boquita para hacer un puen pete

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