How to Find Free Spins chances to Win Big

Online casinos have come a long way in the more than 20 years since the first internet gaming outfit opened its doors. From a choice of one in 1996, within just a few years there are now literally hundreds of quality, regulated casinos operating around the world.

But what could be a problem of choice for anyone looking to have a fun chance to win a big stack of cash is actually a huge advantage. Because there are so many casinos all vying for your business, many of them are willing to give new players the chance to hit a jackpot without spending any of your own money at all!

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Types of free casino bonus

There are currently two types of main casino bonus being offered by reputable sites.

The first is the so-called matched deposit bonus. This pretty much does what it says – you load up your casino account with an amount of your own cash, and the casino will match you buck for buck. There’s usually a limit on how far they’ll go with this, and you can only use the bonus part for playing casino games, not for taking out as cash.

The other bonus is known as a free spins bonus. Here, in exchange for doing something (sometimes just registering as a player, not necessarily depositing money) you’ll be given some free spins on one or more of that casino’s online slot machines. Because they really are “something for nothing”, this type of bonus is rarer and definitely worth seeking out.

How to find the best free spins offers

So with hundreds and hundreds of sites to choose from, how can you possibly find the ones offering the best bonuses at any one time?

Because offers and deals are changing all the time, as a regular player it’s pretty impossible. The best way is to find a reputable comparison and review site that finds the best casino free spins no wager bonus deals.

These sites are often given early access to the best bonus offers because they attract plenty of people who are looking for a free chance to bag a cool stack of cash. The casinos are happy to pay them a small commission for every new sign-up they attract as well as giving those new players the free spins they want. It’s a win-win!

Check the Small Print

It’s always worth checking the terms and conditions of any free spin casino offer because they are not all created equal.

Some casinos do offer the holy grail of offers – the true free spin, no deposit, no wager, no strings attached deal. These are rare but do come up from time to time – if you find one, grab it!

Most sites do have restrictions on what you can do with any free spins they give you. These can range from only being used for one slot game, having free spins winnings be wagered several times more before you can withdraw them, to spreading the free spins out so you get a few each day, rather than being able to play them all at once.

Always check what the restrictions are on any offer before you sign up to avoid frustration!

Finally, make sure you only sign up with reputable, regulated casinos. Choose casinos that are registered with one of the respected casino regulators, such as the UK’s Gambling Commission Gaming Authority, or the Gibraltar Gaming Commission.

Good luck!

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