How To Dock Your iPhone Without Removing Its Case


I really don’t fit in with the majority here. I’ve never used a case for my iPhone. I’m not much of a case sort of guy. I like to bare back it. But for all you guys who do consistently use a case for your iPhone, you probably have issues docking the device.

Every time you want to charge the iPhone on a dock you have to remove its damn case. Not cool at all. The Cable Jive Dock Extender makes your life a hell of a lot easier by extending the docks reach by a length of two ($25.95) or six feet ($31.95), depending on your needs and how much you’re willing to shell out for the extender.

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  1. this dock extender is really great! as we produce carbon fiber cases for iPhone and iPod touch that are open at both ends of the case, this extension is exactly what you need and we will recommend it to our customers… thanx for sharing!

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