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iPhone Umbilical Cord Charger

Our iPhone’s remind us of our own children. They love playing games. They usually abide to our every whim, but occasionally rebel, in which case, much like with our kids, we throw them as hard as we can against the wall and then stomp on them repeatedly. But one thing we can’t provide our iPhone is a proper nutrition. No, ...

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iPhone Dinosaur Dock

Thankfully, the maker of this project chose a herbivore to work with, rather than say a Raptor or T-Rex. No missing fingers for us. The iPhone Dinosaur Dock is the result of the stripping of a Brachiosaurus toy, replacing its innards with a bunch of tasty gadgetry. The iPhone Dinosaur Dock is most comfortable in its natural habitat, peering through ...

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How To Dock Your iPhone Without Removing Its Case

I really don’t fit in with the majority here. I’ve never used a case for my iPhone. I’m not much of a case sort of guy. I like to bare back it. But for all you guys who do consistently use a case for your iPhone, you probably have issues docking the device. Every time you want to charge the ...

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