House Made Of Recyclables: Very Cyberpunk


Using industrial castoffs as well as other spare parts and pieces, Jan Korbes has constructed an alternative solution to housing that’s not only portable, but is also completely made up of recycled parts.�Though not a Reboot, it’s still a cool arts and crafts project. �I can’t see anyone wanting to live in it.�Unfortunately, we may not have a choice.

How sad that thanks to mankind’s careless past, living in a spacey looking house made of recycled materials may be part of everyone’s future.

That’s a small price to pay for getting to live all these years care-free. Besides, one could always downsize.






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  1. While this is inspirational, it’s definitely a one-off creation. I doubt anyone else in the world could be so lucky as to find the spaceship like framework that he used for free or even remotely cheap.

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