Nerd Family Makes Homemade Narnia Gear


If you’ve ever delved into the world of fantasy, and really, who hasn’t at some point, you likely understand that while your mind is a powerful device, one thing it isn’t capable of doing is allowing you to feel the press of authentic fantasy gear against your skin.

This geek family takes their Narnia play very seriously. So seriously that they decided it really wouldn’t be a worthwhile experience unless they made their own Narnia themed outfits. The family created a full-regalia outfit for all four of the Pevensie children (that’s Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy for those of you not cool enough) including gauntlets and chain mail. Much more after the jump.







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  1. Me thinketh young knight doth forgot jeans with holy knees earns a -10 health. Try again.

  2. Aqua, did you ever think that the lack of holy knees adds agility?! Noob. 🙂

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