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Unicorn on the Cob

With Summer just around the bend, it’s that time of the year again. Time to start BBQ planning. This year, we’re going for a fantasy-theme. But what should we serve with our centaur burgers? Unicorn on the Cob, of course. Shove the horn right into the core of the cob and chomp away. If you’re too cheap to splurge on ...

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Nerd Family Makes Homemade Narnia Gear

If you’ve ever delved into the world of fantasy, and really, who hasn’t at some point, you likely understand that while your mind is a powerful device, one thing it isn’t capable of doing is allowing you to feel the press of authentic fantasy gear against your skin. This geek family takes their Narnia play very seriously. So seriously that ...

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Dragon Made Out of Soda Can Pull Tabs

No, not “pop,” you friggen mid-westerners. SODA! This dragon was made entirely out of SODA, yes, SODA can pull tabs. Measuring 14 inches long and 8 inches tall, the Soda Can Pull Tab Dragon was produced by gluing an undisclosed number of pull tabs to each other with standard epoxy. The creator of the dragon named it shinkonryuu, and its ...

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Magic Unicorn Beanie Allows You To Fit In With Charlie and the Crew

While I’m not sure we can call this the coolest beanie we’ve ever seen (because let’s be honest, we’ve seen some really awesome beanies), it’s definitely the only one that would make you feel at home inside of a fantasy novel. The homemade Magic Unicorn Beanie gives the wearer a new phallic member and a generous mane of purpleish pink ...

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Final Fantasy Tactics Coming to PS3, PSP

Call me biased, but my favorite game for the original PlayStation is Final Fantasy Tactics. You can imagine my excitement when I read that the ESRB has rated Tactics for release on PSN. It’ll be available for download for both the PS3 and PSP and I’m guessing it’ll be priced around $9.99. The real question is, will they fix the ...

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Best Fetish Ever: Latex Alien Costumes

Here’s an interesting new geeky sexual fetish to explore. Enter into the world of latex alien costumes. I’m pretty sure that first one is based on some weird Cloverfield-like alien, while the second one is the more traditional Alien series extraterrestrial. Two aliens, one suit. Just deflate some air and you have a whole new latex fantasy to explore. While ...

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