Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July, my fair readers. We will be taking today (and the weekend) to relax in sand at the beach whilst we remember America and support for our troops. In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been sneaking in beach-themed and party-themed items all week. Below is a round up of stuff you’ll find either useful or interesting for this weekend. Now go out there, have a hot dog and bun one up with the babes/dudes/sharks.

  • Google Talk for the iPhone
  • Have a cold one – The Beer Bottle Phone
  • RASH Wetsuits! Ryan not included
  • Oakley’s MLB-series eyewear is looking fine
  • Catch an Orwellian beach read
  • Keep cool with this awesome DIY sprinkler setup
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • Kegstand, anyone?
  • A robot bartender would make you the best gin and tonic ever
  • Stay fit with Nike
  • Don’t lose yer keys on the beach, Mario
  • Smoking a blunt on the beach and it’s raining? Use this umbrella to get the job done

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