Happy Birthday Walkman!


The Sony Walkman turns 30 today. Christ, the thing has got half a decade on me.

When I received my first Walkman as a gift, it was accompanied by Green Day’s Insomniac album. You can bet your ass that thing heard its fair share of Ace of Base and Aqua by the time it had run its course.

I remember my first Walkman like it was 12 years ago. Wait…

They say you always remember your first. Do you?

Update: And just for shits and giggles, if you haven’t seen this article yet, see what a young teen from the iPod generation makes of the Walkman. (Thanks for the suggestion Captain Moof)


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  1. Yo – have you seen the bbc article? They gave a walkman to a 13 year old kid to see what he made of it…


  2. Yes, Captain, that’s a great article. I’ve seen it, but it’s probably worth adding to the post. Thanks!

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