Hide Your iPod Inside Of A Piece Of Tech History


When we got our first Walkman for Christmas we were so damn excited. We slipped in our Green Day Insomniac cassette, maybe followed with a little Ace Of Base, and just listened for hours in our Grandma’s rocking chair. A cool mod project can retrofy your modern gadgets to experience the same excitement as you had with the ancient ones, while also acting as an anti-theft measure.

Hiding your iPod inside of an old Walkman will not only instill a sense of nostalgia, but will deter criminals from grabbing your ear buds right from your grasp. Because what’s the point of stealing a Walkman, you can get them at, like, dollar stores now. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. dooooope i need one, i think this walk-pod needs this mix in it. “sea koala heart breaks part 2” no ace of base but , some Lisa Santfileld, Sade, Soul II Soul, PM Dawn, etc…http://blog.myspace.com/djmagneto

  2. greenday ftw

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