Hanakotoba: Find out what your flowers are thinking about


Japanese toys are creative, they’re so creative that sometimes they’re scary. E-revolution’s Hanakotoba (translation: flower-talk) is a doll that reads and vocalizes the flowers’ mind when you touch the pedals (or the leafs), all you have to do shove this probe into the same vase with flowers. You can choose from the 3 color schemes, and each of them will have different personality, as reflected by the 200 distinctive sentences installed on to each of them. Don’t worry, all of them will behave nicely no matter how you harass the flowers “Oh touch me again I’ll beep for you”, or “Let’s get to work! Ganbare!”… somewhere along those lines. This makes an excellent gift for people who have just broken up. If this thing were to get exported, it’s only a matter of time before some kids flash the doll’s memory with rude phrases. Right now the Hanakotoba is selling for $40 in Japan.



Sam Chan

Hanakotoba [e-Revolution]

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