Hallo-Tatoo-Ween: Star Wars Jawa Candy Bowl


Jawa’s aren’t the most trustworthy creatures in the universe. I can’t say I’d be surprised if a Jawa poisoned our candy with a tranquilizer, knocking us out just long enough to scuttle off with the $3 and the expired Red Lobster coupon we had stashed in our wallet.

Luckily for all of our children, Jawa are widely known to live in a galaxy far, far away. These Jawa Candy Bowls are as close to the real deal as you’re going to get without discovering how to travel through wormholes. The Jawa stands 21-inches tall x 15-inches wide x 14-inches long.

The bowl is included. Thank god.

There are certainly worse, and less festive, ways to blow $33.

Would I trust a Jawa enough to give my kid some candy? No, because it’s MY CANDY! You know that shit is going right on top of the fridge when we get home! One for you, 43 for me.

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