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Hallo-Tatoo-Ween: Star Wars Jawa Candy Bowl

Jawa's aren't the most trustworthy creatures in the universe. I can't say I'd be surprised if a Jawa poisoned our candy with a tranquilizer, knocking us out just long enough to scuttle off with the $3 and the expired Red Lobster coupon we had stashed in our wallet.

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Garden Jawas Are the New Gnomes

Call them Garden Jawas, garden gnomes or garden dwarves, they’re all garden little people to me. You know how I’m always extremely politically correct. We wouldn’t want any midgets hating on Gearfuse, now would we? Little adorable buggers. As long as it keeps its little hands off my droids, we’re cool.

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Star Wars Sandcrawler USB Flash Drive Will Horde Your Droids

Shipped directly from the Jawa of Tatooine, this Sandcrawler USB Flash Drive is the only suitable place to store images of your favorite droids. Unlike the Jawa, you’ll not likely be selling your droid images to isolated farmers of the desert planet, but you will have one kick-ass storage port.

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Green Star Wars Tees Are Encouraging

Saving the planet and Star Wars. What more could a geek want? Other than a Lucy Liu sex-bot, of course. The Jedi were always the ones that came off as the treehugger type. Darth and the rest of the dark side didn’t have much consideration for natural beauty. Perhaps never more evident than when he blows up Princess Leia‘s beautiful ...

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