Guns N’ Roses Hate Their Fans

If you’re a fan of Guns N’ Roses, it’s more likely than not that if you aren’t the guy signing Axl Rose’s non-existent checks then they hate you. They all hate you. Yes, even Slash hates you. Remember that blogger who leaked their latest suckfest, Chinese Democracy? That was an honest mistake any fan could have made. Well, now he faces a long term of jail time for simply being a fan and helping to promote Guns N’ Roses.

They sure needed it according to Eric Garland of BigChampagne, a company that tracks file sharing activity. Garland brings to light the fact that no file sharing of Chinese Democracy ever took place until Kevin Cogill leaked it and then got arrested. Since his arrest, Chinese Democracy has become the whore of torrent downloading.� The question on my mind is why is the FBI wasting time with this and what does the band think of Kevin? Scratch that, no one really cares what Guns N’ Roses thinks.


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  1. GN’R simply want to get to the source of the leak. As you can read in a official GN’R press release:

    As to your “…no one cares what GN’R think.”
    Obviously most people find this news worthy hence your posting of this information.

  2. Nah I don’t care what they think. I’m just trying to get my copy of Chinese Democracy so I can expect to listen to the suck that is GNR.

  3. Why would Slash hate ‘the fans’ ? Slash left GNR 12 years ago you clown!
    And why would you bother listening to Chinese Democracy if you’ve already decided that it sucks?
    Go and climb back into the rock n roll hating cave you stumbled out of!

  4. Ryan Ash is totally gay, he eats penises the size of cheesesteak sandwiches for breakfast and his mom is a crack whore from L.A. lolololololol

    what a douche!!!

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