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Blogger Wants To Replace Prosthetic Eye With Webcam

35-year old blogger Tanya Vlach lost one of her eyes in a car accident three years ago. Now she wants to make the best of it by replacing her prosthetic acrylic eye with an ‘eye cam’ – a webcam for her eye socket. She wants one capable of dilating with changes of light that also allows her to blink to ...

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18-year-old Responsible For False Jobs Rumor

Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs is not dead. Steve Jobs is sick. Steve Jobs is not sick. I’m sick of this shit. Clearly, Steve Jobs is immortal and all this news of his demise is a load of cow dung. Who makes this crap up anyway? The SEC tracked down the little bastard responsible, who just so happens to ...

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DIY: UV Oven For Exposing PCBs

Here’s an easy way to turn an Ikea dresser into an ulta-violet oven used for exposing printed circuit boards. Blogger Aris gutted the drawers and mounted the top with an array of 35 ultra-violet LEDs that are powered by an HP printer transformer with a 1A/37V output. That’s a heck of a lot of power. What resulted were some nice ...

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NEWS FLASH: CRUNCHGEAR BLOGGER NICHOLAS DELEON IS “SQUEAMISH WHEN IT COMES TO EXCESSIVE VIOLENCE.” THE REPORT COMES ON THE HEELS OF THE RELEASE OF SILENT HILL: HOMECOMING, A SURVIVAL HORROR VIDEO GAME. SAID VIOLENCE INCLUDES: ?the OFLC [the Australian ratings board] cited several high impact scenes in the game, mostly focusing on drilling into and severing body parts. One scene ...

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Guns N’ Roses Hate Their Fans

If you’re a fan of Guns N’ Roses, it’s more likely than not that if you aren’t the guy signing Axl Rose’s non-existent checks then they hate you. They all hate you. Yes, even Slash hates you. Remember that blogger who leaked their latest suckfest, Chinese Democracy? That was an honest mistake any fan could have made. Well, now he ...

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Windows-powered ATM just got served!

Why would an ATM be running Windows? Who knows! Using a cheap ATM at a movie cinema, Blogger Melissa from Melissatogo, totally pwns and serves this Windows powered device. Oh, Snap! Ok, enough with the out of fashion teenage colloquialisms. This makes us extremely insecure about using ATM’s now. Or at least any ATM’s located anywhere other than a bank. ...

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