GTA IV gameplay details unleashed


Blah, blah. We’re sure you’re probably tired of hearing about the controversy surrounding GTA IV by now, but now is when the excitement about the actual game itself sets in. Some new details have been released concerning the gameplay of the newest addition to the Grand Theft Auto family. The most interesting fact you’ll probably hear is that you can fly across Liberty City in GTA IV, just not in planes. Planes are substituted for copters in this bad boy. Though flying is said said to be a significant part of the game.

Also recently revealed is that the method of car driving has been changed some, with an altered point of view compared to the other GTA games. Sources say it more closely resembles Midnight Club than any other GTA game. One of the only people to see an early addition of the game has this to say, “The visuals are tremendous and easily some of the best I have seen. What’s scary about this statement is that Rockstar North is still improving upon the visuals. There’s little question that it will be one of the best looking games come this holiday.” Ahhhh, we wanna play now! — Andrew Dobrow

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