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Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Hits YouTube

Oh boy. Look what we have here! Some brand spankin’ new Final Fantasy XIII footage has hit the YouTubes and this time around, it’s no pre-rendered bullshit. No, sir. This time, we have some live gameplay that was captured by an adoring fan. After watching the video for about five minutes, I have to officially state that I am excited ...

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GTA IV gameplay details unleashed

Blah, blah. We’re sure you’re probably tired of hearing about the controversy surrounding GTA IV by now, but now is when the excitement about the actual game itself sets in. Some new details have been released concerning the gameplay of the newest addition to the Grand Theft Auto family. The most interesting fact you’ll probably hear is that you can ...

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Ping Pong for three: Now both your wives can play

Its taken many years to get this far, but technology has finally reached the point to develop something of such sheer genius that our minds can barely wrap around the concept. That’s right, friends. Finally, the three player ping pong table. Table tennis has been an underlying cult sport for decades and we’ve noticed that whenever playing ping pong, there ...

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