Gross Picture of the Day: What Does 10 Days Underwater Do To Your Hands?


Take a 20 minute dip in the pool and your fingers transform from normal human digits to wrinkled alien prune tentacles. Spend 10 days under water like  South-African Aquaman and overachiever Tim Yarrow, and your hands quickly transform into blistered piles of skin mush.

Yarrow submerged himself underwater in a public shopping mall for a record breaking 10 days; eating, sleeping and shitting in his scuba gear. Despite the fact that he was wearing scuba gloves the whole time, Yarrow’s hands became wrinkled beyond recognition, as if he was transforming into a swamp creature.

The dead keratin cells on the skin of  your hands absorbs water like a super sponge, resulting in the wrinkles of a 20 minute bath. In small doses, there is no permanent damage, but eventually your skin starts to break down. Blisters form and become infected, which could lead to life-threatening conditions, especially if your floating in still water like Mr. Yarrow.


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