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Pac-Man Ring Set Removes the Maze, Adds Fingers

The Pac-Man Ring Set puts Packy right on the digits of your girlfriend hand of choice. Hopefully your fingernails are slightly better kept than the nails of this hand model. If you’re going to show off your hands, you should want them in the finest condition. Clipped and clean. It’s only fair to the Pac. Link [via]

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Hand In Glove

Here’s a design concept that will get any woman’s husband in the kitchen. It’s a cloth/handkerchief that also doubles as an oven mitt. You can lift hot plates using the dotted-outline of a glove and blow your nose with the rest of the cloth. I beg the question, can you pick up hot plates and blow your nose? Riddle me ...

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Redundant Clock Is Aptly Named

If you’re trying to teach your kids how to tell time, the Redundant Clock, designed by Ji Lee, is likely the last product you should be looking towards for assistance (though we’ve seen some pretty unhelpful candidates). I was debating whether or not to actually write a detailed description for this clock, but that would be rather redundant, don’t you ...

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The Robo Urinal Will Hold Your Junk Whilst You Piss

That’s it. I’m done posting. Know why? I have to go and try this baby out. Steve Jobs doesn’t have shit on the Robo Urinal. It can hold your dick while you take a leak, how cool is that? Let’s see the iPhone do that. An app just isn’t going to recreate the experience of a metal hand slowly reaching ...

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Cuddle Up With Slanket: Hands-Free Comfort

As much as I love cuddling up underneath a big, fluffy, warm (and occasionally USB powered) blanket when a chill fills my gadget-loving bones, the inability to cover my whole body while I play around with my devices deters me from keeping myself warm. Slanket has holes for your arms, which allows you to stay completely cuddled and still play ...

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