Google Street View Prius Pulled Over

Our favorite itch to scratch, John Brownlee, brings to our attention a photo found on Flickr. It features a red Toyota Prius being pulled over by a police officer on a motorcycle. This isn’t any regular Prius though, this is the Google Street View car that takes all those lovely pictures for Google Maps!

Considering how huge that camera mount is, it doesn’t surprise me too much. I can’t help but wonder if the cop actually ticketed Google. I mean, isn’t Google above the law? They probably offered him an invite to Google’s latest secret: Google Cops – a new search engine that helps search for donut shops in a three-mile radius.

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  1. Hahaha…

    I was driving behind one of these the other day, they’re pretty tall!

    I tried waving, dunno if it actually got me.


  2. A few month ago I met one of these cars around a turn and I was like “Hey, what the heck is on the roof of that car.” But when it passed me, I noticed it was the google car. I searched on google maps but it seems like the camera was shut off. 🙁

    // Cato.

  3. I found out that the camera was not shut off.. Found 3 pics of my car. 😀

  4. That Toyota Prius looks so kawaii!

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