Glow Gaming: If Your PSP Was Found Next To A Nuclear Power Plant


If you can deal with the life-altering mutations and the screams of children as they gaze upon your disfigured face, there are some benefits to living right next to a nuclear power plant. One of the coolest being that cool natural glow. These XCM Magic Night Glow replacement covers for your PSP make the portable console look like it has been sitting next to a reactor a little too long with a glow in the dark sheen.

All you have to do is leave the PSP out in the sun for a few minutes, shut off all the lights, and watch as the PSP glows a bright shade of green, blue, or orange. The color selection is your choice, and luckily, you and your mutated face can order the covers right online, without leaving the comfort of your very own cage. Grab your own for about $25 each.


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  1. I really like the glowing effect. Very nice!!

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